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Network Configurations

We help design you design and impliment the right solutions for your needs

Bulksms Messaging

We help organizations communicate between multiple functions such as sales,customer retention,operational communication without any additional software.

Web & Software Design

Share your idea with us and we execute the vision of your choice

Technology Procurement

For the best current advice on tech trends.Try us

With us Success is Guaranteed!!

Our team possess the great skills and products to get your work done hassle free…

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Revolutions Edusystem

The best school management system on the market!!

It is an intergrated solution to administer the school processess under one interface



The Best Bandwidth Management Deveice

This is a complete solution for your wireless connectivity needs - starting with your home network and reaching up to the ISP centre of operations.


Bulksms Messaging

Bringing Messages To Life

We make it possible to easily interact with audience, no matter where they are and simplifies communication between customers...


Data Backup Solution

A Single, Comprehensive and Secure Backup & Recovery Solution

All businesses need a Backup & DR solution that protects their data center physically and virtually. Large, Medium & Small businesses are protecting their physical and virtual environments using Vembu BDR Suite and saving huge on their IT budgets !

The Services That Make Us Great

with over a decade in the IT Industry,our services are guaranteed!!

Two way messaging solutions enable a seamless communication channel between an enterprise and its customers. The scope of two way messaging encompasses surveys,subscription services, tracking and even secondary sales services.

Network Configuration  provides an integrated solution for complete change and configuration management for devices from multiple hardware vendors

We help in securing the hardware of your choice.

We develop bespoke software solutions for your unique needs.

We are a company made especially for you.

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For your Web Development, Software Design,IT Support , Procurement,Network Configuration and ERP deployment

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Imagine and create

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Control the design


We help you come up with prototypes of your desired project.


We come up with the best designs for your required projects


For the peace of your mind we deliver tried and tested products


Using cutting edge technology,we are able to deliver solutions that meets the standards in the industry