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Imela offers you every facet of professional care and maintenance for your home or laptop computer. Why trust your system’s repair to hobbyists or big-box “repair centers” when a highly skilled and trained technician can take care of any and all problems with a house call or by remote. Reasonable rates and fully guaranteed work are part of Imela’ growing reputation.Our services include:

·Hardware & Software Installations

We’ll get you set up and running, providing any advice and counsel you need to feel confident that your system will perform to your individual needs. We are experienced with every computer system available on the market and equally familiar with the ins and outs of every software system imaginable.

·Virus and Malware Removal

When those pesky invaders make their presence known,We got your back. We’ll get you running ASAP and remove any unwanted internet invaders. Who ‘ya gonna call?!

·Peripheral Configuration

(That’s hi-tech talk for printers, faxes, and any other outlying equipment that needs to be correctly interfaced with your setup). We perform the magic that gets you full and functioning connectivity for all your equipment.

·System Upgrades & Custom Builds

Ready to take it to the next level? Have your eye on a new piece of equipment that will make your computer world infinitely cooler? Count on us to make it happen and to make sure you have every part need to get you going. No more endless trips to the store.And…we have the experience and technical knowledge to blueprint and build customized, cutting-edge systems, designed to meet specific needs of any size and scope.

·Internet Setup and Wireless Configuration

Sure…you could break out the instruction manual…or, since time is money; you could leave it to us to get it done right the first time.