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A major part of our current client base is made up of businesses, of all sizes, which look to Imela for our fast turnaround time and accurate trouble-shooting. They know the bottom-line dangers of computer down time and depend on us to keep them up and running.
Imela knows how to “change gears” to service small businesses and high-profile corporations alike with equal grace and facility.We have the experience necessary to provide the following services:

• Technology Consultation

We’ll work with you to insure that the system you have or the system you order will provide the functionality needed for your particular business design, one that is truly user-friendly for you, your employees, and, most importantly your client/customer base.

• Server Installation and Maintenance

Imela has the hands-on experience to guarantee effortless installation and offers custom maintenance contracts to fit your budget your timeline.

• Network Configuration and Maintenance

Once the physical equipment is installed, your chosen network has to be set up and maintained. This can be done off-site. Imela conducts regular checkups to keep your network active and can answer any maintenance requests to insure consistent, full-function status.

• Virus Protection

Security…Plain and Simple…It’s just a mandatory part of business functioning for the internet world. We’ll research and find the right security and back-up systems for your use. Plus, we’ll make sure you have the protection you need; that’s 24/7 – 365.

• Systems Upgrade

As your business grows, your computer needs will grow exponentially. We are here to see that your system is in sync with those business needs and we’re here to guide you through any upgrades needed to grow your profit margin. Our clients rely on our experience to help them choose and/or design the right system to expedite their business plan.